When inviting users to this discord server you will be able to redeem free prizes/rewards such as stealth recovery service or private money drop session

When you reach the number of users invited and want to redeem your reward,
please message the ModMail Discordbot @AresModz-ModMail#5371

Type +invites at #?│bot-commands to check your invites

[10 Invites] :gta_dollar:
Recovery service – 50 Million

[20 Invites] :gta_dollar:
Recovery service – 150 Million

[30 Invites] :gta_dollar: :gta_rp:
Recovery service – 250 Million + 50 levels OR Impulse Essential

[50 Invites] :gta_dollar: :gta_rp:
Recovery service – 300 Million + 100 levels OR Ozark

[100 Invites] :gta_dollar: :gta_rp: :gta_unlock: :gta_stats:
Recovery service – 500 Million + 250 levels + Unlock all + Max stats OR Impulse VIP

:question: How can I get invites?
To get invites, you have to create your own personal invite link by right clicking on the server and pressing invite people, set the link to never expire and with no user limit. Send it to your friends, once a person joins through your link, you get +1 invite.

When boosting this server, we will also provide some our service to you as a thank you
To redeem your reward please message the ModMail Discordbot @AresModz-ModMail#5371
You will receive those rewards every month as long as you continue boosting this server
For example, a user has been boosting this server for straight 6 month, his rewards would be in total 600 Million + 300 levels
[Monthly Boosting] :gta_dollar: :gta_rp:
Recovery service – 100 Million + 50 levels

Someone message you with an invite to another discord server or trying to advertise another service
Each catch is 5 Million dollar but they only can be redeemed in 3s (Multiples of 3)

To redeem your reward please message the ModMail Discordbot @AresModz-ModMail#5371 with the proof.

[Reward per catch] :gta_dollar:
Recovery service – 5 Million