❓ Where do I get my key after I pay?
The key is shown on the website after the payment and sent to the email you have used at the checkout.

❓ Okay, now I’ve gotten my key. What do I do with it?
1. Please head over to https://stand.gg/account/register, input your key and press the button
2. After that, a txt file will be downloaded that will include your Account ID
3. Use that Account ID to log in, https://stand.gg/account/login

4. Once you have logged in, you can download the Launcher.

Note: If you are using an upgrade key, you must log into your stand account first, then scroll down to the “Use your Upgrade Key” box, where you will input your upgrade key and press upgrade.

❓ How can I contact AresModz regarding a problem with my purchase or not receiving the key?
You can contact us by heading over to our contact us page and using one of the three methods to contact us. Please provide as much information as possible to assist the agent in providing you with the best solution.

❓ What is the default open menu hotkey?
Keyboard: F4
Xbox Controller:
PS Controller:

❓ What if I have issues with installation or the menu itself?
Please get in touch with Stand support by joining their discord server.
Click here to join.

❓ Okay, I tried the menu out, but it doesn’t work, or I am not too fond of it. Could I get a refund?
You could apply for a Refund Request if you are eligible for our return and refund. For more info, head to Refund and Dispute Policy and fill in the form to start your refund request; remember that we are not responsible if you purchase the wrong key.

* Please note that the information provided may not be up to date.

* Please note that the information provided may not be up to date.

Make sure you are using Windows 10 or above and have the latest .NET Framework Runtime installed, then rerun it.

– Use the “Open Stand Folder” option in the Launchpad, delete the “bin” folder, and then try again.
– Install the most recent Visual C++ Redistributables.
– Make sure you’re using Windows 10 or above or have the Universal CRT Runtime installed.

– Disable your antivirus, and if that works, set Stand as an exclusion so it will continue to work even with your antivirus.
– Join their Discord through the Stand website, https://stand.gg and check their support channel.