You are free to join our drop lobby’s as long as you agree on the terms below

:warning: We take no responsibility for any action (balance correction or ban) from R* to your account as a (in)direct result from you joining our (or any) drop lobby. You join at your own risk! 

How it works
The dropper will announce the drop in #?│drop-announcements
Within this announcement he/she will state his/her SocialClub name

The drop may only be open to a certain category of players If so, please check if you are allowed in!

– Identify yourself by typing ?sc socialclubUsername in #?│bot-commands
– You add the dropper on SocialClub – You join his/her session and meet up (wherever he/she might be)
– You go passive during the drop (to keep it peaceful)
– You stick to your own drop space
– Drops will be 2 or 2.5k bags in a random matter and drop-rate
– If the dropper crashes, stay there unless they announce otherwise in #?│drop-announcements

What we do NOT tolerate
You talking about the drop in public chat (Droppers are allowed)
– Begging for more or anything other than money
– Unlikable behavior (trolling, killing,…)
– Inviting friends to the drop without the droppers approval

:warning: Staying safe
– Don’t bank dropped money! (there is no need)
– Don’t spend dropped money in the drop lobby
– Don’t brag about the drop in public chat
Weekdays have a much higher ban-risk for drops!

Transaction errors
When you get transaction errors, the money wont pass. Spam enter when it happens or hop in a vehicle for a few seconds.