Return policies for AresModz,

This is the ruleset implemented for refund requests if a customer or user requests a refund on their order purchased through AresModz. Special rules are applicable to special orders. Refund requests can have a processing time of up to 14 days, where the specific order will be checked. 

Digital Orders

When ordering a digital product through AresModz, you agree to the following rules and policies, with very small exceptions in some cases. When ordering a digital product, you agree to these terms at checkout. Ordering a digital product makes you applicable for a 3-day Return and Refund service, where you can return the license key for a refund. This Return and Refund deal will be invalid when redeeming your digital license key through the product’s website. Using your digital product also makes the 3-day return and refund deal invalid and leaves you with no possibility of refunds. In some cases, refunds are applicable when the key has been redeemed; if you want to check if your order is applicable to this offer, then contact via email ([email protected]).

Refunds and Disputes via 3rd party services (PayPal & Stripe)

Creating a dispute on PayPal or Stripe will waive your refund requests; the date or reason won’t matter. Disputes via a 3rd party payment provider won’t get you a refund. If you wish for a refund, then please fill out the form below for a refund request.

Accounts or Non-Refundable products

When buying an account or a service, you waive any possibility of getting a refund since the actions can’t be reversed. After completing the order, all possibilities of refunds will be invalid. In some cases, with if the customer contacts us via email, we will be willing to give you a refund, compensation or replacement.

In some cases, the order might include invalid license keys; to fix this, the customer needs to create a support ticket through our live chat or the online conversation tool discord.

Lying, fraud or any other acts that are meant to cheat back to a refund or compensation will result in being excluded from our services, websites and chatting services. We also hold the right to exclude you from the services you bought access to.

Date of last effective update: 20th of September 2022

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