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All orders are finished within 24 hours from the time of order, most within a few hours. If the order takes longer than that then you will be rewarded with extra money.​

Cheap Service

Our store is the cheapest in the market. The best prices for the great quality Mod Menus. Choose your Money, RP level & set of unlocks. Don’t have much to spend? We provide service for low as £3.

Anti-Ban Warranty

Being banned is frustrating therefore every order above £15 will receive guaranteed anti-ban warranty. If you get banned we issue a new account for you.

Secured Payments

Most websites in our market require sketchy payment methods. We accept payments and donations by all major cards and PayPal thru off-site gateways using secure industry standard SSL.

Experienced Team

0% ban rate, each account gets the meticulously thorough and careful service that they deserve. Our modders have modded dozens of accounts with no bans!

100% Legit Service

We have successfully boosted countless accounts over our 4 years tenure of GTA service. We are always honest with our customers and keep a track record of account safety and competitive prices.

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Community Members

To get support on your latest purchase, advice for a future one, or stay tuned for our future updates! As well as we regularly give back to the community, in form of giveaways.


Our Testimonials Reviews


This is 100% legit! Before, I was worried, but in the end, I understood that Ares is a very chill dude. He could even handle such a nervous-annoying person like me, and yes, guys, if you are right now not sure, don’t worry! Go for it! Cheap and better than all those shark cards!

Mark & Bella Customer

These guys are incredible! My wife and I placed an order for our accounts to receive the Diamond package treatment, and they made the first contact immediately. We had all the details worked out, and our accounts were in the queue to be processed. Don’t hesitate, place your order now, you will not regret it, I promise you. Seriously, stop reading and get your game on!


Honestly, sceptical at first. Delivery was also quick. The funds got transferred to my account, and I couldn't believe it. I only bought the bronze package, and yet the customer support felt like I bought the most expensive one. I will definitely repurchase it!

blobeboV2 Customer

Vouch for Ares; I got 100% of the things ordered Silver package and did it within minutes of my purchase (While screen-sharing to show proof). I would recommend 100% if you’re lazy like me and don’t feel like grinding. Thanks again!


I won a recovery from the giveaway. He is really a top guy. He is 200% legit & trustworthy. Highly recommended. Thank you very much! Oh yes, and he saved me a lot of money. In real life, money, an 8 Million shark card costs $75. I saved more than $1000 through AresModz. Thanks a lot, you keep tough! Stay Safety and under Rockstar’s radar.

D_E_A_DSHOTZ Customer

He gave me 275 million dollars for $1.33, and he gave me 25 million extra. Shark cards in the game make you pay $50 for 3.5 million, but I gave this guy $1.33, and he gave me 275 million, so this was so worth it! Thank you once again.


Amazing! Literally, the second after you buy it, the code is on your screen, and you’re set. I’ve gotten 2 menus upgrading from impulse essential to the standard and haven’t had any problems.

JBlue Monkey Customer

I don't normally trust many places with my credit card details, but Aresmodz.com is the safest place to buy from. Ares is honest as well. I have been buying my menus from there since I first learnt about the place. Thank you, Ares, for your amazing service and for being helpful to everyone on your server as well.


This is the cheapest store I found in the market, previously I bought a bronze package and now I bought a silver package. It was instant. He even showed me the process in the stream. Amazing service! Thank you!